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WASPcam™ was founded on August 9th, 2013 in Ontario, Canada; and stands for Wide-Action-Sports-Photography. Our versatile and compact line of cameras and mounts allow users to get some wild and unique footage from their favourite sport or activity.


At WASPcam, we’re not like the other guys.


We understand that not everyone picking up an action-sports camera plans on producing full-length feature films or motion pictures.


Many will create professionally polished edits with a WASPcam, and we’re happy if they do, but the majority of users simply want to capture footage of their passion, wildest moments or biggest achievements, and instantly share those clips with friends and fans online—And they want it to be easy.

Our Goal

Building user-friendly, high-quality action-sport cameras that are simple and straightforward for pros AND amateurs alike.


And we strive to do it all at a much more affordable price.

WASPcam® | Our Founder

Justin White l Founder

At a very young age I started living the Prove-it lifestyle that WASP leads.


At the age of 6 we relocated to Canada from the United Kingdom. I came from a very professional, loving family. My mother was a registered nurse who enjoyed field hockey, and my father was an ex-professional soccer player, and a Nuclear tech for British Nuclear. So, intelligence, drive, and the ability to succeed was in my blood. Both of my parents played major roles in the person I am today. My mom put me together and took care of me every time I would break a bone, my dad would push me to give 110% in everything, something  I continue to do every day.

  • From the age of 8 years old we used to steal wood from the construction site and wheels off the lawnmower to create Go-karts to go down the street on.
  • 9 years old started to ride freestyle bicycles and perform crazy tricks on my BMX bike. From Gumby’s, Cherry Pickers to 6 feet of air on a half-pipe. By the age of 13 I was one of the top riders in Eastern Ontario. I would try anything once…No we did not wear helmets.
  • During this time I also played minor league hockey going onto Junior hockey in Canada. While I could put the puck in the net, I focused much of my efforts on following in Bob Probert’s footsteps. Yes I was a GOON.
  • 14 years of age, while also deeply into the bicycle scene, I also started to ride dirt bikes.
  • 18 years of age ventured into the race car scene with a highly modified 79 Honda Civic. It was street driven so it was extremely recognized in the local town.
  • 19-22 years of age I built one of the most recognized trucks in the aftermarket industry winning several awards at various shows around North America. This truck was on the cover of Sport Truck magazine, and featured in TRUCKIN Magazine several times.
  • 23 years of age I became a proud father and needed to grow up…NOT.
  • At 25 years old I decided to focus on health and became very involved in cross country and downhill mountain biking.
  • 28 years of age I am not sure why but I decided to get back into racing motocross. This was great for product development but at the age of 35 suffered a shattered knee which resulted in 7 surgeries including two full replacements. I didn’t quit until I was 40…
  • While in rehab for my knee I decided to focus on cycling again. At the age of 40 Istarted racing road bikes for a M1 team in Canada. Which is now the Norco/ WASPcam team. Doctors told me I wouldn’t walk again NEVERMIND racing a bicycle for 100 miles and I am super proud to say I PROVED IT.

As of today, I am still very active in all the above items. My main passion is cycling and in 2017 I will start racing Motorcycles again.


Let’s discuss it’s hard to write a story about me.

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  • You are solely responsible for ensuring that video entries comply with all Terms of Service of YouTube and Google, as applicable. (See www.youtube.com/t/terms) By submitting you are committing that (1) you have obtained the permission of any individual pictured in or otherwise identifiable from the entry or, alternatively, have obscured the identifying features of such individual prior to submitting the entry to Cedar Electronics (2) the video does not defame, harm or violate or infringe the rights of any third party, including but not limited to rights of publicity or privacy; and (3) the video is the original work of the owner and does not infringe the intellectual property rights of another.

  • All videos become property of Cedar Electronics to use for any business purpose including but not limited to advertising, sharing and editing.

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