WASPcam Action Sport Camera Accessories

Camera Holder (“Naked Case”)

Part #9940
This is the smallest and lightest way to mount your WASPcam, while keeping it stables for images and video. Without having to shoot through the lens of a protective casing, it offers the purest shot. Consider combining the Camera Holder with a Tripod Mount for scenic outdoor life and sports.

Waterpoof Diving Case

Part #9941
Designed specifically for diving, snorkeling or any underwater activity. Diving case is only available on 1080p30 recording, due to field of view angle. Waterproof up to 60 meters.

WFD (WASPcam Floatation Device)

Part #9942
Fasten this mount to the WASPcam and throw it on the water! Don’t stress, it floats.

Wireless Wrist Remote

Part #9943
Control a WASPcam 9900 or 9901 from up to 15 feet away with this radio-frequency (RF) powered remote. Controls video and photo recording and is waterproof down to 196 feet. Controls up to 5 9900/ 9901 camera models.

Wireless Wrist Remote with Live Viewing Display (LVD)

Part #9904
Gain ultimate control – remotely – with this Wrist Remote featuring a LIVE Viewing Display so users can see what the camera sees. Excellent for setting up the perfect angle. Connects to camera by RF, and controls all photo and video recording functions up to 25 feet away. Waterproof down to 196 feet. Controls up to 6 GIDEON (9902) cameras. Also includes watch functions, such as time and date setting, lap timer, alarm clock, and more.

T-tip for General Mounts (compatible with GoPro mounts)

Part #9935
Attach to WASPcam to utilize GoPro mounting systems.

Adhesive Anchor

Part #9944
When things get rough, try adding an Achor to your WASPcam. This mount securely tethers camera to a surfboard or other flat surfaces.

Camera Tripod Adapter

Part #9947
Allows user to attach WASPcam to a standard tripod.

3M Sticker

Part #9945
Adhesive for flat and curved mounts.

HDMI Cable

Part #9946
Connect camera to HDMI port on TV for instant playback.

Waterproof Camera Casing

Part #9948
Every WASPcam 9900 and 9901 Action Sports Camera package comes standard with a Waterproof Camera Casing. This casing is waterproof down to 60 metres (190 feet) and attaches from either the bottom or back side, allowing for multiple camera angles.

Swivel T-Tip

Part #9949
Another item that comes included with every WASPcam 9900/9901 Action Sports Camera package, the Swivel T-Tip attaches Camera Casings to various WASPcam mounts and allows for ‘swiveling’ of the camera back and forth, depending on angle desired. A nut and bolt system keeps the T-Tip locked securely into place. It may be purchased separately if required.

Protective Lens Cap

Part #9952
I know right … why I didn’t I think of that?! At WASPcam, we’re proud to stick out our chests and say we are the first action sports camera company to offer a protective lens cap AND it comes with the camera. Or you may purchase it separately if you lose yours.

Vented Camera Casing Backdoor

Part #9953
For conditions where water isn’t a factor, users may want to consider utilizing a Vented Camera Casing Backdoor. This backdoor does come standard with a WASPcam. Unlike the Waterproof Backdoor, the Vented version features 4 small vents to allow air and sound to pass through more easily.
Velcro Strap

Part #9954
For those ‘awkward’ mounting situations, try using a WASPcam Velcro Strap. Secures a WASPcam 9900, 9901 or GIDEON (9902) to almost anywhere, and also connects WFD to camera.
Anti-Fog Inserts (6 pieces)

Part #9956
In some conditions, like sharp temperature changes, users may experience some fogging with the Waterproof Camera Cases. To combat this, we suggest inserting these Anti-Fog strips inside your case.

Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

Part #9957
Go the distance with durable Li-Ion battery from WASPcam. Each WASPcam sold includes a battery, but for those who are out there proving it more than others, you may need more juice. Expect 2 to 2.5 hours of video recording time from a full charge.

USB Charging Cable

Part #9958
Every WASPcam comes complete with a USB Cable to connect a WASPcam to a laptop or other device for importing and viewing files. The USB cable also connects with an included Wall Charger.

Wall Charger

Part #9959
Powering up a WASPcam is this Wall Charger unit, which connects to a USB cable and is included with every WASPcam purchased. May be purchased separately from any WASPcam retailer.

Waterproof Camera Casing Backdoor

Part #9960
Keep your WASPcam water tight with this Waterproof backdoor, which attaches to a Waterproof Camera Casing and Diving Case. It’s waterproof down to 60 metres (190 feet) and looks cool doing it.

Waterproof Camera Case Adaptor

Part #9961
This small part connects to a Waterproof or Diving Case for adapting to various mounts and accessories. Included with WASPcam 9900 and 99001 packages and also with #9948 Waterproof Camera Casing and Diving Case.

Battery Pack Holder (AA Batteries)

Part #9962
Alternatively to purchasing a second Lithium-ion battery, users may also opt for a WASPcam Battery Pack holder, which holds three ‘AA’ batteries. Every Battery Pack Holder includes a wider Waterproof Camera Casing Backdoor to accommodate ‘AA’ batteries and battery insert, which fits inside the backside of the camera-body. (Batteries and complete camera casing sold separately.)

Double-Capacity Lithium-ion battery

Part #9963
Add more horsepower to your WASPcam action-sports camera with this “fatty” battery! Includes biggie-sized Lithium-ion battery and a larger Waterproof Camera Casing Backdoor to accommodate the larger battery.

WASPcam PVC Protector Pouch

Part #9990
This waterproof plastic pouch works wonderfully for keeping your valuables dry during extreme sporting activities. Fits most cell phones, cash, debit cards, etc., and then fits snugly into your pocket.

WASPcam Camera Travel Case

Part #9974
Keep your WASPcam camera, mounts and accessories safe and sound with this padded travel case. Includes custom-cutaway, interior foam padding designed to fit various WASPcam accessories and mounts.
GIDEON Waterproof Camera Casing

Part #9995
A waterproof camera casing designed for the GIDEON (9902) action-sports camera. This is included with every GIDEON camera package, but may be purchased separately. Includes waterproof backdoor (9960) and waterproof case adaptors (9961).
GIDEON Waterproof Camera Casing

Part #6104
This three way t-handle features three different socket sizes (8,9 and 10mm) and works great for installing and removing WASPcam mounting bolts.
JAKD Waterproof Camera Casing

Part #9978
A waterproof camera casing to fit the JAKD camera body. Included with every JAKD camera package, but may be purchased separately. Waterproof down to 98 feet.
JAKD camera Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

Part #9980
A rechargeable lithium-ion battery that fits inside the JAKD camera. Included with every JAKD camera sold, but may be purchased separately. Lasts up to three and half hours while continuously recording HD video.
Wireless Wrist Remote with LVD Charging Cable

Part #9996
This cable connects a Wireless Wrist Remote with LVD (9995) to a computer or wall charger to recharge the remote’s battery. Included with GIDEON camera package but may be purchased separately.