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Thread: GIDEON default password, which I've never changed, is no longer working...

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    GIDEON default password, which I've never changed, is no longer working...

    The default password on my WASPCam GIDEON, "1234567890", which I've never changed and have never had any problem using even after selecting to "Forget this network", is no longer working. I had not gotten a chance to use my GIDEON in about 3 weeks and finally had some time to use it today. I charged it up, recorded, took pics, and it connected it to your app all with no problem but after a few minutes, the app started having a ridiculous amount of lag, was totally freezing up no matter which resolution setting I changed it to, and kept bumping me off of WiFi after one or two minutes which it has never done before. So I turned off WiFi and then turned it right back on, selected "WASPCam_xxxxxx" and selected "Forget this network which I've done before. When I cycled WiFi off and then back on and the WASPCam came up in the list of networks, I selected it and when it prompted me for the password, I typed in 12345677890 and it gave me the error over and over..."Unable to connect to "WASPCam_xxxxxx"! What do I need to do to reconnect this back to the WiFi on my iPhone and to your app again which was working perfectly a few weeks ago???

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    Hey Mike, as I mentioned in another post, send me an email to and we'll get you sorted out. thanks.

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    Did you actually type "7" twice, as in your post?

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