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Thread: And another Albertan

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    Cool And another Albertan

    Hello from the wide open spaces of the Alberta prairie.

    I hail from Fort Kent - a tiny hamlet about 3 hours northeast of Edmonton.

    Got a WASPcam for Christmas. I saw it featured in a Canadian Cycling magazine as great Christmas present, pointed that out to my dear wife and wonder of wonders it was under the tree. Intended use was on my quad or my recumbent trike. Didn't really do anything with it until the end of winter - which was a couple of weeks ago - we are north. Had snow until May this year.

    Now just learning how this gizmo works.

    Mounted it on my Trike using a PVC pipe rig I snapped together.

    It has already survived a spill with narry a scratch.

    PVC WASP Cam Mount FILE0009.jpg

    NOW - I need to learn how to edit video's. I've got Adobe Premiere 10 and tried it out. I also downloaded Windows "Movie Maker". Not finding either of these programs that intuitive. Guess I'll have to watch the tutorials and spend some time learning how one edits vids.
    Alberta, CANADA

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    Hey FKD, once you figure out the basics - import, cut clips, add music, export to youtube - it becomes quite easy. Like anything it takes a little practice! Just keep posting questions and we'll make sure you get it all figured out.

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