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Thread: How to... make a DIY Red Filter

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    Red face How to... make a DIY Red Filter


    I am going to go scuba diving in about three weeks, and after using the WASPCAM for a practice dive this weekend, I noticed that everything was super green. The camera, which worked wonderfully out of the water, lacked good definition under water and everything kind of faded into each other. I had seen online that a red filter helps correct this problem, but WASP Cam doesn't yet have an attachment, so I thought I might make one myself.

    Does any one have any suggestions of how to construct one at home that would fit within the water proof cover?
    Thanks, Daniel

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    Hey Daniel,

    Ya red filters do help a lot when filming under water, we are testing one right now that is going to be available for the WASPcam GIDEON early September. We recommend using a red filter that goes on the outside of the waterproof case, thus not risking any accidental leakage in case the seal is broken. However there are a few universal red filter options.



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    Chris, any news on the red filter mentioned above? Also, will you be developing one for the 9601? I'm off to dive in Mexico in two months and need to know whether I will be able to buy a filter to have to jury-rig my own.


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