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Thread: Airsoft video

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    Airsoft video

    I recently bought a GIDEON waspcam to capture some awesome moments when playing airsoft (principally for a 12 hours game in 2 weeks partly during night) and I decided to post my first test here. I got some funny moments overhere, sadly my first language is french, I wish some of you will still understand.

    I tried the camera during night while using flashlights and fireworks, it didn't go well as we were in an open field and nothing was stopping the light in front of us, it's probably gonna be better in the forest, we are planning something like 10 minutes of pure adrenalin for the kids who plays with us, and I would like to know where I could buy a spare battery for the camera.

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    Wicked video! Loved it, send more!

    Check out our dealer locator, we have plenty of dealers who would be happy to sell you a battery. OUr double capacity battery is great as well! Part # 9963.

    Let me know if you have any troubles finding them!

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