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Thread: Recording and Storage Questions

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    Recording and Storage Questions

    In the specifications manual for the Gideon, it clearly states that the recording time and storage time for a class 6 32GB micro SD card is about 90 minutes (1080p60) and up to 250 photo's at 16mp. My questions are, what are the benefits of using a class 10 32GB card and recording at 960p30 and also adjusting the photograph setting to 12mp? Will this allow longer recording times as well as increase the number of photo's taken?


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    Hey Chief888,

    I believe the recording time is correct, basically battery life. However storage is definitely not correct:

    1080p60 recording time = 2h15m
    1080p30 = 4h21m

    To answer your question about what the benefits of a class 10 is they have a much fast data transfer speed, so the higher speeds assure smooth video and image presentation

    Shooting a lesser MP photo, reduces resolution however takes up less space on you card, you can see the differences by simply taking a 1 photo on each setting and determining what your needs are.

    Shooting at 960p you will have equal amount of storage space taken up.

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    Great advice, many thanks team

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